Sunday, April 6, 2008

New Steps for Marissa and New Country Rock Friends

Just to update you on Marissa's progress, this week she has walked 230 feet at the therapists and learned a new song with her Karaoke friends: Achy Brakey Heart.
You go, Marissa.

She also had a great time playing her pink guitar on Satuday night at our open jam session with the Tommy Kal duette. Tommy Kal and Chuck are two new young friends of Marissa who play country rock and classical rock and yes, a little barroque. Minuette anyone?

Seriously, these two young men are fantastic musicians and they will be back on Saturday, April 11, 2008. Also they learned some Jerry Lee Lewis songs just for the audience and Marissa. It is still open mic and these two versatile musicians can pick up anything quickly to accompany your singing.

Also they are so into doing good you can check them out at Jimmy G's Restaurant and Catering on Wednesday, April 9 where they will be playing party songs for the ladies and intros for the contestants at the Mr Romance Pageant Auditions. These auditions benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, Pittsburgh Chatper.
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