Sunday, March 2, 2008

Press Release, Jam Session at Carol's in West End for Miracles for Marissa, Friday and Saturday's


Carol Carmichael
410 South Main St (Rte 60
Pittsburgh, PA 15220
Cell: 412-225-1293

Historic West End Restaurant Does Business for Good
While Doing Good Business

Pittsburgh, February 26, 2008

The historic West End has a heart in Carol Carmichael of Carol’s Restaurant. The restaurant is undergoing a new name and a new mission. The new name will be Carol’s Restaurant and Hometown Sports Deli. The new mission is to raise money for a phenomenal young lady suffering from spina bifida. Since Carol’s opened two years ago on the Main St. of the revitalizing West End merchant section of the city, customers knew they could get a man-sized home cooked meal and a world class smile and greeting from Carol.

That’s what Loren Webb found when he stopped in to Carol’s to inquire about a cooking job. Loren has challenges working full time because he in his wife are the primary care givers for their spunky 11
year old who came to Pittsburgh to have her 41st operation. The Webb family moved to Pittsburgh from Kansas for their daughter Marissa to get treatment at our Children’s Hospital and Children’s Institute. Without family here to support them they found an adoptive family in Carol Carmichael’s family, friends and clients.

Marissa has spina bifida and has had forty one surgeries and has five heart defects. Once Carol met the family she fell in love with them and them with her. Marissa was in the hospital for nine weeks over the holidays. Carol took Thanksgiving dinner and all the trimmings to the hospital for her and her family!

As Christmas was approaching Carol wanted to get Marissa’s and her sister McKayla each a gift. When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Mc Kayla did not ask for clothes or an I-pod. . She immediately said,”Our family could really use a new stove!” This is how wonderful the whole family is! They give unselfishly to always care for each other and to help their wonderful Marissa.

Carol’s son-in-law Dennis called Bodnar’s Appliance Store. They offered a very generous discount. Dennis’s place of business purchased the stove for them. They also donated money for Christmas gifts! Other merchants donated gifts and food certificates. Pittsburgher’s always come together when someone needs help! Carol was able to have the stove delivered and installed while they were at the hospital. When Marissa’s mother Mandy got home she called Carol and shouted, “SANTA WAS HERE!” How wonderful for this family to come to a new town and have such an outpouring of community kindness.

But Carol’s Restaurant has not stopped there. Recently she has taken her quest to her customer’s and local musicians have gotten together for a jam session on Fridays and Saturdays at Carol’s from 6 to 10 PM. Local celebrities such as Joe Fairweather on trumpet and Char Carr on vocals are jamming with other locals. Zach Hudson joins them with all original acoustic guitar music and vocals.
The goal is to raise money for installation of hardwood floors in Marissa’s home. Marissa needs a smooth surface to be able to practice walking. Their home has wall to wall carpeting making it difficult to do so.

On the agenda soon are a live pod cast on the internet entitled Jam at Carol’s for Marisssa’s Miracle. Carol also hopes to organize other West End businesses in a community day and parade for Marissa.

Please stop into Carol’s anytime for a delicious meal and to put money into the jar to raise the thermometer on the fundraiser for Miracles for Marissa! Marissa stops in often to practice walking on Carol’s hardwood floors. Have a heart; help be a part of Miracles for Marissa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Historic West End Restaurant Serves Food and Compassion
 Miracles for Marissa will purchase hardwood floors for Marissa.
 Kansas Family in need is adopted by friends and clients of Carol’s Restaurant.
 Jam session every Friday and Saturday from 6 to 10 PM to benefit Miracles for Marissa
 Live podcast: Jam at Carol’s for Miracles for Marissa

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td5 said...

We had a great time Saturday night listening to the music. The food was delicious. Everyone needs to come down and enjoy the food and entertainment. We had a blast. TD5